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Startup program list - X to Z

This is an index of all the entries in the Windows start-up programs database where the Startup Item/Name begins with X through to Z. For the main index see here.

If you have been directed straight to this page, please also look at the introduction to what startup programs are and how to identify and disabling them here.

The reason for these simplified lists being here is that the popular Google search engine only indexes the first 100K of a web page. To ensure that visitors looking for information on startup programs come to the right place, this index is presented.

X (adob.exe); X (upd.exe); X Server (X.exe); x[number from 1 to 7] (x[number from 1 to 7].exe); x~{{dy?bel (x~{{dy?8%nsn); X1 (X1.exe); X1 System Tray (X1Systray.exe); X10 Device Network Service (x10nets.exe); X10Weax (WTHRTRAY.EXE); X1DWG8UJR42F (2QJ7M4JY.exe); X1FileMonitor.exe (X1FileMonitor.exe); x3 (svchost.exe); x313 (msd33c.exe); x32x (xwrm.exe); x3watch (x3watch.exe); x3yy ([path to trojan]); X4ALLNL (wdfsctl.exe); X4CWUZNPWIJ63BE (Mg35edKr.exe); x64pro (fullsx.exe); x7 (svhost.exe); x7 (windowsvx.exe); X7server.exe (X7server.exe); x86 microsoft update (x86.exe); x86DLL.exe (x86DLL.exe); x86kernel2 (svchost.exe); X8TWLAUG4B796U (QQM9NZ4DT.exe); XA5RJ9EADJ ([random].exe); xagvosyzuqem (xagvosyzuqem.exe); xanacnuonixa (xanacnuonixa.exe); Xanadu (Xanadu.exe); xanax64.exe (xanax64.exe); xancomsutxet (xancomsutxet.exe); xapkexhydyha (xapkexhydyha.exe); XarkaToday (Today.exe); xas (vc.exe); xasceomnwr.ex_ (xasceomnwr.ex_); xasdudxeqoxa (xasdudxeqoxa.exe); xaszuowipjan (xaszuowipjan.exe); xauim (xauim.exe); xaxaxaxa-LOL ([path to file]); xbbhywa (rundll32 [path] xbbhywa.dll,xbbhywa); xbina.exe (xbina.exe); xblack2014 (micro.exe); xblack2014.exe (xblack2014.exe); XboxStat (XboxStat.exe); xBrotherMeCom (BrMeCom.exe); xbtl (bootldr.exe); XBV6RD5SZF ([random].exe); xc80853N29246 (javaingsloads.exe); xcanxbwv (axcvqvzk.exe); xccinit (rundll33.exe [path] xccdf16_090131a.dll); xccinit (rundll33.exe [path] xccdf16_090305a.dll); xccN6d3JaEY (xccN6d3JaEY.exe); xcdc (wscript.exe [path] xcdc.vbs); xcdc.vbs (xcdc.vbs); xcfdhtyjkx (keepSafe.exe); XCLASS ([filename]); X-Cleaner Deluxe (XCLEAN~1.EXE); X-Cleaner Deluxe (XCleaner_full.exe); X-Cleaner Freeware (XCLEAN~1.EXE); X-Cleaner Freeware (XCleaner_free.exe); Xcpy1 (Xcpy1.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); XCRX7OO (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xcrxcc (Coffin Of Evile.exe); xcxdsaa7 (slcskxsdl7.exe); xcz86.exe (xcz86.exe); xczaqwddsax.exe (xczaqwddsax.exe); xdeqbbdf (qivsvccg.exe); XDeskCal (XDeskCal.exe); xdmouw (xdmouw.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocx (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xdocxcc (Coffin Of Evile.exe); XDOCXIOU (Coffin Of Evil.exe); xDRam rar procx (xwinupdaterarx.exe); xdrive (xdrive .exe); XdriveTrayIcon (XdriveTray.exe); xdwyS (MizBD.exe); xdxlnrpu.exe (xdxlnrpu.exe); xdxqa (dewa.exe); XE 8x LM Status (lmsxxe.exe); xeamiqtohoco (xeamiqtohoco.exe); xeaxa (xeaxa.exe); xeaxenbewear (xeaxenbewear.exe); xeayal (xeayal.exe); xeb64.exe (xeb64.exe); Xecuter.bat (psexec.bat); xeggorkyjaze (xeggorkyjaze.exe); xekqenogozug (xekqenogozug.exe); xeli (xeli.exe); xemfuaporaxe (xemfuaporaxe.exe); XemiCo (ADC.EXE); XemiComputers Scheduler (Scheduler.exe); xemocyzobhak (xemocyzobhak.exe); Xender (Xender.exe); Xengine (svchost1.exe); Xenocode (RCE.exe); XEQCUUIRBTBMXLWGBMENPYCQF (SearchWin.exe); xerox (Twain.exe); Xerox PanelMgr (SSMMgr.exe); XeroxEndeavorBackgroundTask (xGKOHbgnd.exe); XeroxRegistation (EReg.exe); XeroxScannerDaemon (XrxFTPLt.exe); XeroxScanUtility (xrxzipui.exe); XerWiRazblokiruete ([path to file]); xest (dest.exe); xevivi (exobaba.exe); xevivi (isesobo.exe); XFastUsb (XFastUsb.exe); XFDFGGFD (microsoft.exe); XFilesDialog (XFilesDialog.EXE); XFILTER (xfilter.exe); Xfire (Xfire.exe); Xfire Music (xfiremusic.exe); xflash (xflash.exe); xftpGraber (XFTPGRABER.EXE); XGCCTVServer (CCTvServer.exe); XGDMonitor (XGDMonitor.exe); XGIWatchDog (XWatDog.exe); xgqderan (wuxhdahb.exe); xgqtqgecadf.exe (xgqtqgecadf.exe); X-Grabber (sswizard.exe); XGSensor (XGSensor.exe); xgukxzrvux.exe (xgukxzrvux.exe); XGUpdateClient (XGUpdaterClient.exe); xhardware32.exe ([path to xhardware32.exe]); xhatxtzca.exe (xhatxtzca.exe); xhehjnnlqercber (regsvr32.exe [random name].dll); XHFHGEBDbadw (XHFHGEBDbadw.exe); xhi (xhi.exe); xho9y (mfp3lr9.exe); xhrmy (Xhrmy.exe); XIA.exe (XIA.exe); xiaoyu (Sogou.exe); xibopuotexi (xibopuotexi.exe); xibquxs (rnxntup.exe); xibzorcudsex (xibzorcudsex.exe); xicon (xicon.exe); XiD ([path to mmx.exe]); xikahexowuxr (xikahexowuxr.exe); xInsIDE (xInsIDE.exe); xInsIDE (xInsIDE.exe); xiqueghdadcx.exe (xiqueghdadcx.exe); xiquepaisucxzasx.exe (xiquepaisucxzasx.exe); XircWinModem4 (ltcm000c.exe); xisbcom (lmssspr.exe); XisUp (upd.exe); xisvixhufgyw (xisvixhufgyw.exe); xitami (Xiwin32.exe); XiuWhUv7VI.exe (XiuWhUv7VI.exe); XIYLHK (Hspvzck.exe); xizrupyvaqme (xizrupyvaqme.exe); XJklNNL94gD8hIi (skype.exe); XJklNNL94gD8hIi.exe (XJklNNL94gD8hIi.exe); XjMnaxl (XjMnaxl.exe); XKEYZ (upgrades.exe); xkstartup (RunDll32 InstZ82.dll,SetUsbPrinterPort); XL3OWZ6XGA_4940 (rundll32.exe [path] house.jpg); xlass (xlass.exe); Xlaunchpad (XLaunchPad.exe); xlb (xlb.cpl); X-Lite (X-Lite.exe); X-Lite 4 (X-Lite4.exe); X-Lite Beta (X-Lite.exe); XLliveUp (XLUpdate.exe); xln (xln.cpl); xload ([trojan filename]); xload32 (netdd.exe); xloadnet (xloadnet.exe); xlr (xlr.exe); xlr2 (xlr2.exe); xMain (xlaunch.exe); xmguy (xmguy.exe); xmkg.vbs (xmkg.vbs); XML (dll32.exe); XML Bootrecovery (runtime.exe); XML Document (XML Document.exe); XML Service (msxml.exe); XMLmedia 10.0 (wmsdkns.exe); xmnfuruwk (rnxntup.exe); xmstart (xuming.exe); xNeat Clipboard Manager (xNeatClipMngr.exe); x-net (xnet.exe); Xnet2 (xnet2.exe); XNG WINDOWS7 (explorer.exe); XNSCDB (Firewall.exe); XNSearchAssistant (SrchAsst.exe); XOBLUU (oaCYky.exe); XobniService (XobniService.exe); XODNVV (zmNjvL.exe); XoftSpy (XoftSpy.exe); xonsuxbobcem (xonsuxbobcem.exe); xonzeajoqtir (xonzeajoqtir.exe); Xoocrut (efiri.exe); xool (ssmystu.exe); xor (svchost.exe); xor (svshost.exe); Xordate (wuauclt10.exe); Xordate (wuauclt11.exe); Xordate (wuauclt12.exe); Xordate (wuauclt13.exe); xozexibsixo (xozexibsixo.exe); XP (Demon.exe); Xp (p2pnetworking.exe); xp (winis.exe); XP Advanced Keylogger (ToolKeylogger.exe); XP Antispyware 2009 (XP_AntiSpyware.exe); XP Antivirus (xpa.exe); XP Antivirus (xpantivirus.exe); XP Antivirus (xpantiviruspro.exe); XP Cleaner (xpc.exe); XP HOT FIS (kbx.exe); XP HOT Rebild (Win15763.exe); XP Loader (loaderxp.exe); XP Protection Center (XPProtectionCenter.exe); XP SecurityCenter (XPSecurityCenter.exe); XP Service Pack (xpservicepack.exe); xp service pack 2 (xpsp2.exe); XP System (systemxp.exe); XP Tools (xptools.exe); XP.exe (XP.exe); xp_sys (mmwnd.exe); xp_system ([filename]); xp_system (services.exe); xp_system (winlogon.exe); XP-078F2E4E (XP-078F2E4E.EXE); xp32win (xpupdater02.exe); Xpadder (Xpadder.exe); XPAgent (XPAgent.exe); XPAgent (XPAgent.exe); XPAntivirus (XPAntivirus.exe); XpAspy ([path to trojan]); XPC 802.11b+g Wireless Utility (ZDWlan.exe); XP-C300C3AC (XP-C300C3AC.EXE); Xpclient (xpclient.exe); XPCMonitor (XPCMonitor.exe); XPCPHOST Settings (xpcphost.exe); XPDecrees (XPDecrees.exe); XPdefender (XPdefender.exe); XPeria.exe (XPeria.exe); xpersComodo (xpersComodo.exe); XPG7N9XVTI23 (2ENIT4MB.exe); XPGuard (XP-Guard.exe); xpiupdate (xpiupdate.exe); xPlanetControl (xPlanetControl.exe); Xplay (xplay.exe); Xplay (XPlay.exe); XPlay Tray Notification Icon (XPlayNotification.exe); XPLAYMD5.EXE.1033 (XPLAYMD5.EXE); xplaywin.exe (xplaywin.exe); Xploit Server (server.exe); Xplorer (KHATRA.exe); Xplorer (Xplorer.exe); xplorer (xplorer.exe); Xplorer Confirmator (dexplre.exe); xplorer.exe (xplorer.exe); Xpnet (NetXp.exe); XPOEXCEPTION ([filename]); X-PowerPCHealth (; xpprotect (xpdeluxe.exe); Xprint Key Serv (xprintx.scr); xprotectS (xprotectU.exe); Xpsccer (XPsccer.exe); XPShield (XP-Shield.exe); XPSoft (CVDAsDW.exe); XPSP2 Firewall (xpsp2fw.exe); xpsp2install (xpsp2Update.exe); xpsp2Update (xpsp2Update.exe); xpsrchvwsw.exe (xpsrchvwsw.exe); xpstart (wini.exe); XPStartUp.exe (XPStartUp.exe); xpstat (winlogins.exe); XPsys (XPsys.exe); xpsystem (MSXMIDI.EXE); Xpsystem (SERVICES.EXE); xpsystem (services.exe); xpsystem (y.exe); xpupdate (updates.exe); XPUpdate (windowsx.exe); XpyBurner (XpyBurner.exe); XPYH5 (All.exe); xqazcfesqwsc.exe (xqazcfesqwsc.exe); xqwddsxz.exe (xqwddsxz.exe); xqwesazxsdc.exe (xqwesazxsdc.exe); xqwsxdefcas.exe (xqwsxdefcas.exe); XRAT36MINE (mine.exe); XRCTIAMFZHGQXRKR ([filename].exe); xrecyclerx.exe (xrecyclerx.exe); XRFR ([path to backdoor]); xrt_Shell (Whatthehell.exe); xrt_Shell (xrt_[4 letters].exe); XRuJPelv5b.exe (XRuJPelv5b.exe); xSafe (xSafe.exe); XSC SIP Client (sipgateXLite.exe); XSC SIP Client (X-Lite.exe); XSC SIP Client (X-PRO-Vonage.exe); XSECVA (xsecva.exe); xserv ([trojan filename]); xService (xService.exe); xservicex ([filename].exe); xsidu (hl0vjr.exe); XSj6DmiS4q.exe (XSj6DmiS4q.exe); Xspider (#.exe); XSRBYJSF (dpwsock5.exe); XStop95 (XStop95.exe); XStzV0FikIADbMr (u5hr46sirtijyrt5.exe); xswdmse ([8 random letters].exe); XSYS (upgrades.exe); XSZDEC (QASXDE.exe); XSZQWA (QASXDE.exe); xt (xr.exe); xterm (vagqsqs.exe); XTN Service Drivers (winxtn.exe); xtnbTaRjJOa6JY (Server.exe); xtnbTaRjJOa6JY.exe (xtnbTaRjJOa6JY.exe); XTNDConnect PC (XCPCMenu.exe); XTNDConnect PC - 3CmPlm (Autodet.exe); XTNDConnect PC - CasioOrg (CasAgnt.exe); XTNDConnect PC - ErPhn2 (ErTray.exe); XTNDConnect PC - LtNts4 (NtsAgnt.exe); XTNDConnect PC - MyPalm (MPTray.exe); XTNDConnect PC - PocketPC (AutoDetect.exe); XTNDConnect PC - ScheduleSync (SCHEDU~1.EXE); xtra (xtra); Xtra Help Assistant (matcli.exe); XtraRichi (Richi_Skype_Com.exe); Xtray (xtray_link.exe); XtreamLok License Manager (xl.exe); Xtrem parental control (pcx.exe); Xtreme (CLD.exe); Xtreme (sdsada.exe); Xtreme (svchos.exe); xtreme (svchost.exe); Xtreme (webfldr.exe); Xtreme (Xtreme.exe); Xtreme (Xtreme.exe); Xtreme (Xtreme.exe); Xtreme (Xtreme.exe); Xtreme (Xtreme.exe); XTServiceUpdate (XTServiceUpdate.exe); XtTb.exe (XtTb.exe); xTumblerBot (xTumblerBot); xuagedogixua (xuagedogixua.exe); XulRunner (xulrunner.exe); Xupiter Startup (XupiterStartup.exe); XupiterCfgLoader (BWCfgLoader.exe); XupiterCfgLoader (XTCfgLoader.exe); xupiterstartup2003 (xupiterstartup2003.exe); XupiterToolbarLoader (XupiterToolbarLoader.exe); xuri49tkd (andy###.exe); XURNMS (PluginIntro.exe); xusklerj.exe (xusklerj.exe); xusyvykyxcyz (xusyvykyxcyz.exe); xuxmeadydeso (xuxmeadydeso.exe); xv_ctrl (v_ctrl.exe); xVgIL (FIMVD.exe); Xvid (CheckUpdate.exe); xvid (mshlp.exe); Xvid Codec (Xvid.exe); xvihkdgoy (naxjasb.exe); Xvtpiqbe (keyboardo.exe); xVVABMx (File Name.exe); xVWrsqSWuxYVn (xVWrsqSWuxYVn.exe); xvxx (wscript.exe [path] xvxx.vbs); xware (cskware.exe); xware (xware.exe); XWinPoP (xpopup.exe); xwinsys.exe (xwinsys.exe); XWMSUSBAPI (XWMSAPI.EXE); xwqadsazqezwq.exe (xwqadsazqezwq.exe); XWXWX (QAWWWW.exe); xx.exe (xx.exe); XX3VJ0EZIN (i40TgcD.exe.lnk); XX500 (csrss.exe); xxcm (sys.exe); xXjsKiNbkvU (xXjsKiNbkvU.exe); xxl (xxl.exe); XXPP (Windows.exe); xxps (iCare Data & Format Recovery Keygen.exe); XXqMLit (XXqMLit.exe); XXSKHOMI (1031X.exe); xxsrSrv32 (xxsrsrv.exe); XXX ([8 hex numbers].exe); xxx (le.exe); xxx (Matrix.exe); xxx (pi_server.exe); xxx (systemxp.exe); xxx (xxx.exe); xxx.exe (xxx.exe); xxx.exe (xxx.exe); XXX_[8 or more characters] ([path to backdoor]); xxxcxcxcx (xxxcxcxcx.exe); XxXEwaKALMUmlh.exe (XxXEwaKALMUmlh.exe); xxxjoker (javaplugin.exe); xxxjoker (random.exe); XXXmpeg (XXXmpeg.exe); xxxPs (imetlws.exe); xxxvideo (xxxvideo.exe); XXXXX[8 hex numbers] (svchsot.exe); xxxxxlll2 (xxxxxlll2.exe); XXXXXX579E5A5B VVVVVVrr2unw== (svchsot.exe); xxxxxxx (xxxxxxx.exe); XXXXXXXX (XXXXXXX.exe); xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.exe); xy (svhost32.exe); XYcZfSgYNtEKMKr (svchost.exe.exe); xydjifcimeqa (xydjifcimeqa.exe); xydyswylmylh (xydyswylmylh.exe); xyftafimbyrn (xyftafimbyrn.exe); xygeruxycwyb (xygeruxycwyb.exe); xyqgeucascx.exe (xyqgeucascx.exe); xyqhehdgcax.exe (xyqhehdgcax.exe); xyqigyftudxa (xyqigyftudxa.exe); xyqtebcads.exe (xyqtebcads.exe); Xyrenl (Hpiurvl.exe); xyx9 (xyx9.exe); xyznew (1349.exe); xzkadsfk10 (afslkfasl10.exe); xzqtehcgafscv.exe (xzqtehcgafscv.exe); xzvows (mssearch.exe); xzvtegdafc.exe (xzvtegdafc.exe); Y!TunnelBasic (YTBasic.exe); Y!TunnelPro (YTPro.exe); Y!TunnelPro (YTunnelPro.exe); y_updater (y_updater.exe); y1959sar (sv711224030r.exe); y1959sar (; y3st3r (winlogons.exe); y478hjdjkdkge (zzangohj.exe); y6FZ43NBF (y6FZ43NBF.exe); Ya Salam (NancyAjram.exe); yaahaha (age yaha.exe); YaAutoRepair (rundll32.exe yrepair.dll,Rundll32); YACC (YACC.exe); yaemu.exe (yaemu.exe); YAHO0MESENGERW.EXE (FreePhoto.exe); YAHOO (crypt.exe); yahoo (system.exe); yahoo (task.exe); Yahoo (wonlogin.exe); yahoo (zebi.exe); Yahoo Chat Protection (YMChatProtecter.exe); yahoo groups (upgrdmgr.exe); Yahoo HP Reminder [version] (yr.exe); yahoo inc. (ypages.exe); Yahoo Instant Messengar (YahooMsgr.exe); yahoo messen (EXPLORER.EXE); Yahoo Messenger (Explorer.exe); Yahoo Messenger (svchost32.exe); Yahoo Messenger (Yahoomsg.exe); Yahoo Messenger (YPager.exe); Yahoo Messengger (chrome.exe); Yahoo Messengger (chrome9.exe); Yahoo Messengger (gphone.exe); Yahoo Messengger (IEXPLORER.exe); Yahoo Messengger (IEXPLORERS.exe); Yahoo Messengger (macfee_.exe); Yahoo Messengger (regsvr.exe); Yahoo Messengger (RVHIOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (RVHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SCVHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (scvhosts.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SCVHSOT.exe); Yahoo Messengger (scvshosts.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SCVVHSOT.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SICHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SSCVIHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SSCVIIHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SSVICHOSST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SSVICSSHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (svchosl.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SVICHHOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (SVICHOOST.exe); Yahoo Messengger (system3_.exe); Yahoo Messengger (tshsnv.vbs); Yahoo Messengger (winfiles.exe); Yahoo Update (Yahoo.exe); Yahoo Updater (Messenger.exe); Yahoo! (ethernet.exe); yahoo! (rundll32.exe [random]don.dll,Set); Yahoo! (ymsgr_tray.exe); Yahoo! Friend (YahooFriend.exe); Yahoo! Mail (YMailAdvisor.exe); Yahoo! Messanger (ymsngr32.exe); Yahoo! Messenger (YahooMessenger.exe); Yahoo! Messenger (ypager.exe); Yahoo! Pager (YAHOOM~1.EXE); Yahoo! Pager (YahooMessenger.exe); Yahoo! Pager (ypager.exe); Yahoo! Search (dsrlte.exe); Yahoo! Widget Engine (YahooWidgetEngine.exe); Yahoo! Widgets (YahooWidgets.exe); Yahoo!MessengerForVista (Yahoo.Messenger.YmApp.exe); yahoo.exe ([path to trojan]); yahoo_toolbar lptt01 (yahoo_toolbar.exe); yahoo_toolbar ml097e (yahoo_toolbar.exe); Yahoo2000 (Anti.exe); YahooAdobe (YahooMessenger.exe); Yahoocr (YahooMessenger.exe); yahoofiles.exe (yahoofiles.exe); yahoomapsx.exe (yahoomapsx.exe); YahooMessenger (YahooMessenger.exe); YahooMessengerPlus (YahooMessengerPluss.exe); YahooMonitor (YahooMonitor.exe); yahoomsgr (Yahoomsngr.exe); yahooo1 ([path to network010.exe]); YahooPOPs (YahooPOPs.exe); YahooStock ([path to file]); YahooToolBar (WindowsUpdate.exe); YahooToolbar (YahooToolbar.exe); yaka.exe (yaka.exe); YAKUS (svhosts.exe); YAMAHA AC-XG Power Utility (yacpower.exe); YAMAHA DS-XG Launcher (dslaunch.exe); yamisexoorales ([filename].exe); YandexSeach (UpSys32.exe); YandexServices_ (SysServices.exe); Yankee Clipper III (YankClip.exe); Yankee Clipper Plus (YANKCLIP.exe); Yankee Clipper X (YankClip.exe); yaoaqa (yaoaqa.exe); Yapta Tracker (YaptaClient.exe); yauim (yauim.exe); yay.exe (asass.exe); yazzz (ctxmon.exe); ybaixawi.exe (ybaixawi.exe); ybfvsqon (ehygaxif.exe); yblxrhoj (yblxrhoj.exe); yblxrhoj (yblxrhoj.exe); yblxrhoj* (yblxrhoj*.exe); YBrowser (ybrwicon.exe); YCentral (YahooCentral.exe); YCMMirag Application (YCMMirage.exe); YCMMirage (YCMMirage.exe); YCR Start (YCR.exe); YdaloE (QRbkfJ.exe); YDTMain.exe (YDTMain.exe); YEA Start (YEA.exe); YeaDesktop (YeaDesktop.exe); yeahdude.exe (hallowelt.exe); Yeaplayer (Yeaplayermd.exe); yeayel (yeayel.exe); yeioyi (yeioyi.exe); YellowSend User Interface (YellowSendUI.exe); yemarvd (sysmon.exe); yemik (yemik.exe); YeppStudioAgent (SamsungMediaStudioAgent.exe); Yes (Yes.exe); Yesenia (MSIEXEC32.EXE); YesFile (YesFile.exe); yespopup (yespopup.exe); yexploremgr (yahoomessengr.exe); (; ygfhf hjfdf.vbs (ygfhf hjfdf.vbs); ygh (regsvr32 /s [UserName].jpg); ygua8e7yhuiesfha876yfauy8fe ([random].exe); YhooUapdates (ymssmsgs.exe); YhooUpdates (ymsmsgs.exe); Yhsmiles (YHsmiles.exe); YI9B2F0F5EXG1U1AEJEAYMAO (24FC2AE3BCC.exe); YIM Start (YIM.exe); ying (ying.exe); Yjafosi8kdf98winmdkmnkmfnwe ([filename].exe); yjocojww (ssahorjuerb.exe); YJT3qWKc7i (hajabuly.exe); YKCU (Updlates.exe); ykemkfel (jsuyaxatssd.exe); YKVEJDPMXD (iprtrmgry.exe); Ykwkwi (Ykwkwi.exe); ylbrooht (ygtowvqtssd.exe); YLive.exe (Ylive.exe); ylyle (ylyle.exe); YMailAdvisor (YMailAdvisor.exe); ymetray (ymetray.exe); YmEwGJXgpidLPI (YmEwGJXgpidLPI.exe); YMHLR (c_0374.exe); ynavmrcd.exe (ynavmrcd.exe); YNO00BFRKM (c.exe); ynujv56vx6f5wodt7m1cc2zbvssd2x03ss (oiygbhsl.exe); yo (yo.exe); Yo Mamma Osama Installer (osama.exe); YO12 (uqqo.exe); YodaoDict (YodaoDict.exe); yogaserver (yogaserver.exe); yoink (didesgx.exe); yoink (dywwif.exe); yoink (qdwwdtx.exe); Yontoo Desktop (YontooDesktop.exe); YOP (yop.exe); Yostamb57484.exe (Yostamb57484.exe); you_tube_videos_engracados_#.exe (you_tube_videos_engracados_#.exe); you_tube_videos_engracados_0544454.exe (you_tube_videos_engracados_0544454.exe); YouCam (YouCam.exe); YouCam Mirage (YCMMirage.exe); YouCam Mirror Tray icon (YouCamTray.exe); YouCam Tray (YouCam.exe); YouCamTray (YouCamTray.exe); YouPin (YouPin.exe); Your Protection (urpprot.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar EPM Support (20medint.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); YourLocalLotto Toolbar Search Scope Monitor (20SrchMn.exe); yourlocallotto1_20 Browser Plugin Loader (20brmon.exe); yourlocallotto1_20 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (20brmon64.exe); YourMP3 (rundll32.exe MSA64CHK.dll,DllMostrar); YourPrivacyGuard (GDC.exe); YourTemplateFinder AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); YourTemplateFinder AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); YourTemplateFinder EPM Support (brmedint.exe); YourTemplateFinder Search Scope Monitor (brsrchmn.exe); YourVideoChat AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); YourVideoChat AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); YourVideoChat EPM Support (86medint.exe); YourVideoChat Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); YourVideoChat Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); YourVideoChat Search Scope Monitor (86srchmn.exe); YourVideoChat_86 Browser Plugin Loader (86brmon.exe); YourVideoChat_86 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (86brmon64.exe); YouTube Notifier (YouTube Notifier.exe); YOUTUBE.PLAYER.exe (YOUTUBE.PLAYER.exe); youtube_net_01002aqui01542.exe (youtube_net_01002aqui01542.exe); YoutubeDownloader (pythonw.exe --APPNAME='YoutubeDownloader'); Youtubeviewbot ([path to backdoor]); You've Got Pictures Screensaver (ygpsstra.exe); YOW tuner (WatchPNM.exe); Yownsyh (EditorLineEnds.exe); ypager (ypager.exe); ypager (ypagerr.exe); Ypager.exe (ypager.exe); YPC (ypc.exe); ypEOwv (QCdzMa.exe); ypkalq (regsvr32.exe [path] ypkalq.dat); YPOPs (YPOPs); YPOPs (YPOPs.exe); yqbcfolmuryzdhbzilzi (yqbcfolmuryzdhbzilzi.exe); yqClQMLyEMRydSo (yqClQMLyEMRydSo.exe); Yr17IlgXFiQcU+rjiKl0Tw== (eventcreate.exe); yruiucro (nddxsllf.exe); YRWZCVSS (hdtegdgddsaxv.exe); yryrh (hyper.exe); YSearchProtection (SearchProtection.exe); YSILlzCwX ([path to backdoor]); YSILlzCwXB ([path to backdoor]); ySlFzoUdechSM (ySlFzoUdechSM.exe); ysolss (RUNDLL32.EXE [path] msdheuzg.dll); ytbnstart (ytbnstart.exe); YTDownloader (YTDownloader.exe); ytewcxzsw (ytewcxzsw.exe); YTrayMagic Lite 1 (YTRAYMAGIC.EXE); YTYRJ (explorer.exe); yuiabct (yuiabct.exe); ([path to trojan]); Yumgo's Homepage Protector V1 (YumgoHomepageProtector.exe); YUNUSS ([path to file]); YVIBBBHA8C ([random].exe); YvkSwmbi (yvkswmbi.exe); yvkswmbi.exe (yvkswmbi.exe); YWjcrFuitUsqdav (YWjcrFuitUsqdav.exe); ywnmon32 (ywnmon32.exe); ywnmon32.exe (ywnmon32.exe); Y-Worm (Cepna.exe); ywwvc.exe (ywwvc.exe); ywzizdon (ywzizdon.exe); yx (uu.exe); YXE7DXCQ37 ([random].exe); (; (; YY.exe (YY.exe); yyu45stream (vcomp.exe); yyyyyyyy ([path to trojan]); yyyyyyyyyyy.exe (yyyyyyyyyyy.exe); Y'z Dock (YzDock.exe); Y'z Shadow (YzShadow.exe); Y'z Toolbar (YzToolBar.exe); yz.exe (yz.exe); YzDock (YzDock.exe); YZH (YZH.exe); YZH.SYS (YZH.exe); YzShadow (YzShadow.exe); YzToolBar (YzToolBar.exe); Z (zmon.exe); Z_acamucli wizard (csecwiz.exe); Z_Start ([random filename]); Z0ldon ([path to file]); z2cSAS5YVC.exe (z2cSAS5YVC.exe); z2epve (z2epve.exe); Z-5 Speakers (Z-5 Speakers.exe); z64_kernel (svchost.exe); Z8Games (Taskmrg.exe); zaber0 (zaberg.exe); ZaCker ([filename].PIF); Zacker (Christmas.exe); ZaCker (DaLaL.vbs); Zacker (Zacker.exe); ZagrebLand (?.exe); zahykqunwupu (zahykqunwupu.exe); ZAKATOTO (zakato.exe); ZAM (ZAM.exe); zango (zango.exe); Zango SiteFinder (ZangoSiteFinder.exe); Zango TvTimes (ZANGOT~1.EXE); Zango TvTimes (ZangoTVTimes.exe); ZangoOE (OEAddOn.exe); ZangoSA (ZangoSA.exe); zanu (zanu.exe); Zapro (zapro.exe); zatray (Zatray.exe); zauerad (zauerad.exe); zaujif (zaujif.exe); zavupd32.exe (zavupd32.exe); ZaxarGameBrowser (ZaxarGameBrowser.exe); ZaxarGames (ZaxarGames.exe); ZaxarLoader (ZaxarLoader.exe); Zboard (Zboard.exe); ZboardTray (ZboardTray.exe); zBrowser Launcher (Commandr.EXE); zBrowser Launcher (iTouch.exe); Zcfgsvc (ZCfgSvc.exe); ZCfgSvc.exe (ZCfgSvc.exe); Zclient (ZClient.exe); ZCOMSISTEM (TNG.exe); zcproo (qssstiej.exe); zcrypt (zcrypt.exe); zcseacrt ([filename].exe); Zcxaxz (Zcxaxz.exe); ZDConfig (ZDConfig.exe); ZDDROI (nkHdCI.exe); zdnet (kontiki.exe); ZDWlan (ZDWlan.exe); ZDWLan Utility (ZDWlan.exe); ZDYY ([path to file]); ZE18MW23GY ([path to trojan]); zeabei (zeabei.exe); zeapomsamuso (zeapomsamuso.exe); zeaxizlyllyl (zeaxizlyllyl.exe); zeazem (zeazem.exe); ZebraStarter (ZebraStarter.exe); zegasbacrudz (zegasbacrudz.exe); zegcelojezze (zegcelojezze.exe); Zekio Startups (condll.exe); Zekio Startups (znksvc32.exe); Zeldar (c.exe); zeluz (zeluz.exe); Zen.A ([path to worm]); Zen10plus (Zen10plus.exe); Zen10plus.exe (Zen10plus.exe); Zenet (rundll32.exe [path] CNBabe.dll,DllStartup); ZENGZHI ([path to file]); zenil (zenil.exe); Zeno ([random filename]); Zeno (nwinrqez.exe); ZENRC Tray Icon (zentray.exe); Zentimo xStorage Manager (Zentimo.exe); Zentom System Guard (vcc70dep2r.exe); ZENworks Imaging Service (ZISWin.exe); ZENworks Remote Control Agent (zenrc32.exe); zepmypvomohy (zepmypvomohy.exe); Zero Knowledge Freedom (Freedom.exe); Zero PoPup Killer XP (zpk_xp.exe); ZeroAds (0); ZeroAds (Zeroads.exe); ZeroAdsLAS (LAS0Ads.exe); ZeroBoan (ZeroBoan.exe); ZeroClean (zerocup.exe); ZeroCrypt ([random].exe); ZeroSpyware (ZeroSpyware.exe); ZeroVaccineMain (ZeroVaccine.exe); zervpack2 (update2.exe); zerzer8989 (zerzer899e.exe); zerzvpack2 (uzpdate2.exe); ZG Checker (ZGUpdateChecker.exe); ZGame Anti-Phishing Domain (zgame_antiphishing.exe); zggjmyd (zggjmyd.exe); ZGNUBI (ZGNUBI.exe); zhghghg (zxzz.exe); zhgxkhocpv (logmanq.exe); zhtngyzTdd (rundll32.exe); Zi5 (AntiVirus Update.exe); ZIBMACC (rundll.exe setupx.dll,InstallHinfSection [path] ZIBMACC.INF); ZICONE ([random].exe); zidypbervigc (zidypbervigc.exe); zied (zied.exe); zigwomzodupd (zigwomzodupd.exe); zimfocbykofi (zimfocbykofi.exe); Zinaps2008 (Zinaps.exe); Zinaps7 (Zinaps7.exe); ZincgrubInc (Lsass.exe); ZingSpooler (ZingSpooler.exe); Zinio DLM (ZDLM.EXE); Zinio DLM (ZinioDeliveryManager.exe); zip (zip.exe); Zip Disk Icons (IMGICON.exe); Zip Driver Loader (ZipLoad32.exe); zip32.exe (zip32.exe); zip7.exe (zip7.exe); zip7.exe (zip7.exe); ZipAppCodec (ZipAppCodec.exe); ZipArichieServic (main.exe); ZipArichieServic (main.exe); ZipArichieServic (main.exe); Zipbrowse (ocreg.exe); ZipCloud (ZipCloud.exe); ZipCloud Update (service_update.exe); ZipGenius Clean (zg.exe); ziphelp (ziphelp.exe); ZipLoader32.exe (ZipLoader32.exe); ZipMagic (zm32.exe); zipody (zipody.exe); Zipper Update Services (updateservice.exe); Zippy USBKeypad (USBKPad.EXE); Zippy USBKPDrv (KPDRV4XP.EXE); zipxatofbegz (zipxatofbegz.exe); ziran.exe (ziran.exe); zirios (ardilx.exe); ZJFGUCPBTY (ugd4rnO.exe.lnk); ZJMSD8JJFVFBTJN (svchoost.exe); zkLuCVDYFi2nGR6BTCc= (logman.exe); ZkRunOnceR (ZkRunOnceR.exe); zlclient (zlclient.exe); zlclient (zlclient.exe); zldrv (mshost.exe); zldrv (mssvc.exe); ZLH (ZLH.EXE); zli1lidy80 (zli1lidy80.exe); ZLXAE (start.vbs); ZMatrix (matrix.exe); zmbrigmgyt (c_20261Q.exe); ZMkYyxzk (wSzosxXn.exe); zmmclr ([filename].exe); Zmover (ZMover.exe); ZNCEPGWQJZVGFECYFHAD (sethost.exe); ZNN (znnsvc.exe); znyz95s (xezl5ult.exe); zofmyhadaryz (zofmyhadaryz.exe); zohirodwumva (zohirodwumva.exe); Zolero Translator (ZoleroTranslator.exe); zoloft (zoloft.exe); Zonavirus (0); Zone Alarm (vsmon.exe); Zone Alarm Security (zlclint.exe); Zone Labs Client (ca.exe); Zone Labs Client (win32dll.exe); Zone Labs Client (zlclient.exe); Zone Labs Client Ex (svchost.exe); Zone system (szchost.exe); Zonealarm (iexplore.exe); zonealarm (removeme.exe); ZoneAlarm (Zatray.exe); ZoneAlarm (zonealarm.exe); ZoneAlarm Browser Security (ForceField.exe); ZoneAlarm Client (zlclient.exe); ZoneAlarm ForceField (ForceField.exe); ZoneAlarm Plus (zaplus.exe); ZoneAlarm Pro (zapro.exe); ZoneAlarm SocialGuard (SOCIAL~1.EXE); ZoneAlarm SocialGuard (SocialGuard.exe); Zoner Photo Studio Autoupdate (ZPSTRAY.EXE); Zoner Photo Studio Service 16 (ZPSService.exe); Zonesoft Cleaner (rnsys.exe); ZoneUpdate (csrss.exe); Zoom (zoom.exe); Zooming (ZoomingHook.exe); ZoomingHook (ZoomingHook.exe); zoorfat (zoorfat.exe); Zorgee ([path to file]); zorpihofjixz (zorpihofjixz.exe); zorsaccudazo (zorsaccudazo.exe); ZortamMp3MediaStudio (zmmspro.exe); zOSD (HotKey.exe); zoUlzQvPyD (YURJ51t.exe.lnk); ZPdtWzdVitaKey MC3000 (PdtWzd.exe); ZPLED (ZPKBDLED.exe); ZPoint (winmuse.exe); ZPOINT32 (ZPOINT32.exe); zqosys32.exe (zqosys32.exe); zRAMservice (Client.exe); ZS (svchost.exe); Zs (svchost.exe); Zs (svchost.exe); zSearch (Zstb.exe); zSecurity Service (szsvc.exe); zservice-34 ([5 letters]he45.exe); zsevice-455 ([5 letters]he45.exe); ZSFT (svc-****.exe); zsms (smss.exe); zsmscc (rundll32.exe [path] mycc071208.dll mymain); zsmscc (rundll32.exe zsmscc071001.dll mymain); zsmsgs (iservice.exe); zsmss (smss.exe); Zspeedy Web Accelerator (zspeedygui.exe); zSPGuard (Spguard.exe); ZSScheduler (zsscheduler.dll); ZSSnp211 (ZSSnp211.exe); ZStart ([various filenames]); zt (rundll32.exe); zte32.exe (zte32.exe); ZTEScandal.A (svchost32.exe); ZtgServerSwitch (server.vbs); zts2.exe (zts2.exe); zukoxydyluny (zukoxydyluny.exe); ZulrahPlugin (ZulrahPlugin.exe); ZumoDrive (ZumoLauncher.lnk); Zune Launcher (ZuneLauncher.exe); Zune® (ZuneLauncher.exe); ZuneLauncher (ZuneLauncher.exe); zunzudwekagy (zunzudwekagy.exe); Zupdate (Zupdate.EXE); Zurik System (antimalware.exe); zuuijuq (zuuijuq.exe); zvb0dl2X8tt (NVUKZ.exe); Zvmtiezxgpnpyxnw.exe (Zvmtiezxgpnpyxnw.exe); Zwinky AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Zwinky AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Zwinky EPM Support (5qmedint.exe); Zwinky Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Zwinky Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Zwinky Search Scope Monitor (5qsrchmn.exe); Zwinky_5q Browser Plugin Loader (5qbrmon.exe); Zwinky_5q Browser Plugin Loader 64 (5qbrmon64.exe); z-WrDialer (WrDialer.exe); ZWVAYL (Jirjsnl.exe); zwy0nta1odi0zdl (zwi0mzb2ohm0bdl.exe); ZXCASFASF (1.exe); zxcd (runr.exe); zxcx (vc.exe); zxdll (zxdll.exe); ZXWHXC5I2HVWXJ8DHPVDCDKOW (9A052F91B41.exe); ZY (h**p://; ZyAIR B-122 Utility (ZyAIR.exe); ZyAIR B-200 Wireless LAN USB Adapter Utility (WLUSBCFG.exe); ZyAIR G-100 Wireless LAN PC Card Utility (WL54Cfg.exe); ZyAIR G-200 Wireless LAN Utility (Startup.exe); ZyAIR G-200 Wireless LAN Utility (WLUSBCfg.exe); ZyAIR G-220 Utility (ZDWlan.exe); ZyAIR G-300 PCI Adapter Utility (WLANUTL.exe); ZyAIR PCcard Utility (ZyAIR.exe); ZyAIR USB Utility (ZyAIR.exe); zyblasqumwan (zyblasqumwan.exe); zycpuckipuja (zycpuckipuja.exe); zylybgididej (zylybgididej.exe); ZynExplore (ZynExplore.exe); zyqurlyhaqta (zyqurlyhaqta.exe); zyrgimgypypx (zyrgimgypypx.exe); zytyzykquldy (zytyzykquldy.exe); zyvydcytjeah (zyvydcytjeah.exe); zzb (zzb.exe); zzb2 (zzb2.exe); ZZChw4ZycSefR9m (1.exe); zzfjsdalkj (yhtx.exe); zzgshp (gshp.vbs); zzrftjg.exe (zzrftjg.exe); zzsecagent (newlock.exe login shutdown); zztp (svchost.exe); zzx2m (yriryc5.exe); zzz (Name.exe); zzz.exe (zzz.exe); ZZZAAA (ZZAA.exe); zzzhpsetup (setup.exe); ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ (Svshost.exe)

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