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Startup program list - W to windowns/32

This is an index of all the entries in the Windows start-up programs database where the Startup Item/Name begins with W through to Windowns Suggestions. For the main index see here.

If you have been directed straight to this page, please also look at the introduction to what startup programs are and how to identify and disabling them here.

The reason for these simplified lists being here is that the popular Google search engine only indexes the first 100K of a web page. To ensure that visitors looking for information on startup programs come to the right place, this index is presented.

W; 221;NSYS32DLLS (ctfmon.exe); W00t ([path to trojan]); w0rm (w0rm.exe); w0rm (wscript.exe [path] w0rm.vbs); w0rm.exe (w0rm.exe); w0rm.exe (w0rm.exe); w0rm.vbs (w0rm.vbs); w0rm1 (wscript.exe [path] w0rm1.vbs); w0rm1.vbs (w0rm1.vbs); w0rmname.exe (w0rmname.exe); W0rMY.exe (W0rMY.exe); w112 (wscript.exe [path] w112.vbs); w112.vbs (w112.vbs); W12 (W12.exe); W1LDPAD3ATQEM6YS768QCOCXE (gsd.exe); W1N32.DLL (WINLOGON .exe); w1ndows_[4 characters] (w1ndows_[4 characters].exe); w2 (w2.exe); W201b Driver (wdr201b.exe); w32 (w32.exe); W32.Formalin.Beta (Pocong.exe); W32.Scran (Scran.exe); w32alanis (mope.scr); W32data (eworo.exe); W32Load ([random filename].scr); w32msgr (w32maing.exe); w32ntdll.exe (server.exe); W32PluginsDownloaderXMLHTTPSelfClearing7520 (wiper.exe); w32sup (w32sup.exe); W32SYS (w32sys.exe); W32Tc (WTC32.scr); w32timesync (timesync.exe); w32update (w32Update.exe); W3KNetwork (rundll32.exe [path] w3knet.dll,dllinitrun); w4fw4f4fw4f (wins8.exe); W4TEEYTMPVDHS4M769HDJCV9H (PPX.exe); W5SHFA (shfacvs.exe); W68D00HY5Q20 (fox.exe); W6S5UDVkqEr2Eu9 (LGDrivers_x64.exe); W7.exe Nacional (W7.exe); W7UP (Win7Update.exe); w7zip (w7zip.exe); W815DM (W815DM.exe); W845MW61 (csrss.exe); w98Eject (w98Eject.exe); WA6PM_Check (udcwap.exe); WA6PV_Check (udcwap.exe); wa7pcw (wa7pcw.exe); WAB (feda200219.exe); wab.exe (wab.exe); wacpukzonowa (wacpukzonowa.exe); wacult (aryancrypt.exe); wacult (crypted.exe); wacult (cryptedwacult.exe); wacult (CujPDQjoAw.exe); wacult (gpesndr.exe); wacult (PNsItbtSXt.exe); wacult.exe (wacult.exe); wagwiwyvorko (wagwiwyvorko.exe); Wahlhilfe (TapiTNA.exe); wait4IP (wait4IP.exe); walarm (update.exe); Walgreens PhotoShow Media Manager (mssysmgr.exe); wall (w.jpg); wallchgr.exe wstart (Wallchgr.exe); wallhack2 (wscript.exe [path] wallhack2.vbs); wallhack2.vbs (wallhack2.vbs); wallmartx (wallmartx.exe); WallMaster (wallmast.exe); Wallpaper (rundll32.exe [path] undersystem.dll,net); WallPaper (sf.exe); WallPaper (taskimgr.exe); WallPaper (WALLPA~1.EXE); Wallpaper Changer (BGCWPV7.exe); WallpaperChanger (Wallpaper.exe); WallpaperHd (WallpaperHd.exe); WallpaperSS (WallpaperSS.exe); WAN Service (wansvc.exe); Wanadoo Messenger.exe (Wanadoo Messenger.exe); wanman.exe (wanman.exe); WANTIVIRSERVICE (SearchIndexer.exe); WAPI (wts[various].exe); wapp (Wapp.exe); Wapp.exe (Wapp.exe); War FTPD Tray icon (WarTrayIcon.exe); Wardo (syslaunch.exe); WareOut (WareOut.exe); warez (warez.exe); war-ftpd (war-ftpd.exe); Warga KompTi (KOMPTI.exe); WarHelper2008 ([random].exe); Warner (warner.exe); Warnet (warnet.exe); Warning: do not remove it! (fpplock.exe); Warning: do not remove it! (system) (cfpsys.exe); WarReg_PopUp (WarReg_PopUp.exe); WarReg_PopUp (WarReg_PopUp.exe); Warrior ([filename]); Warrior (cscdll.exe); WARSVR (war-ftpd.exe); was_check (PASmon.exe); was6cw (was6cw.exe); was7cw (was7cw.exe); WashAndGo - Cleanup of old Backupfiles (checker.exe); Washer (washer.exe); Washerie.exe (washerie.exe); washindex (washidx.exe); Wast (wast.exe); Watch (WATCH.exe); Watch (watch.exe); Watch Dog Program (watchdog.exe); WatchDog (DVDCheck.exe); WatchDog (WatchDog.exe); WatchDog (wd.exe); WatcherHelper (WaHelper.exe); WatchWAN (WatchWAN.exe); Watson Subscriber for SENS Network Notifications (dwtrig20.exe); wault (wault.exe); waults (waults.exe); waumgr (waumgr.exe); Wava (wawa.exe); WaveFramer (WaveFramer.exe); Waves MaxxAudio (WavesSvc.exe); Waves MaxxAudio (WavesSvc64.exe); Waves MaxxAudio Service Application (WavesSvc.exe); Waves MaxxAudio Service Application (WavesSvc64.exe); WavesSvc (WavesSvc.exe); WavesSvc (WavesSvc64.exe); WaveTop Launcher (WaveTop.exe); WavXMgr (WavXDocMgr.exe); WAWifiMessage (WiFiMsg.exe); Wbcmgr (wbcmgr.exe); Wbdsjjxcax (ole2V.exe); wben (wben.exe); wben (wben.exe); wbiasxjf (wbiasxjf.exe); wbiff (wbiff.exe); wbiff_autoload (wbiff.exe); wblogon (algg.exe); wblogon (ubpr01.exe); Wbsched (Wbsched.exe); wbtray (wbtray.exe); Wbutton (Wbutton.exe); WbVhxCIDDK (WbVhxCIDDK.exe); Wcalendarrun (WCalendar.exe); Wcenter (Wcenter#.exe); WCESCOMM (WCESCOMM.EXE); WCESMngr (spoolsb.exe); WCESMngr (WCEMNGR.EXE); WCheckUp (WCheckUp.exe); WCMD (cmdwin32.exe); wcmdmgr (wcmdmgrl.exe); wcmdmgrl (wcmdmgrl.exe); WCOLOREAL (coloreal.exe); WCPC (wintsvcc.exe); WCPI (wintsvit.exe); WCPS (wint[various].exe); WCPT (wintsvtr.exe); wcsys (wcsys.exe); Wcx0iJuE9 (Wcx0iJuE9.exe); Wcxaxw (Wcxaxw.exe); WCYJMC (qsCMHj.exe); Wd (wd.exe); WD Anywhere Backup (MemeoLauncher2.exe); WD Anywhere Backup Premium (MemeoLauncher2.exe); WD Backup Monitor (uBBMonitor.exe); WD Button Manager (WDBtnMgr.exe); WD Drive Manager (WDBtnMgrUI.exe); WD Drive Unlocker (WDDriveAutoUnlock.exe); WD NetCenter EasyLink (WDEzLink.exe); WD Quick View (WDDMStatus.exe); WD Spindown Utility (ExSpinDn.exe); WD_SRT (WD_SRT.EXE); Wdata (Wdata.exe); WDBetaToolStatus (WDBetaToolsStatus.exe); Wdc (Wdc.exe); WDDMStatus (WDDMStatus.exe); Wdefender (novo.exe); wdefender (shost.exe); Wdefender (VOCYI7Q9JL.exe); wdefender (wdefender.exe); wdfmgr32 (wdfmgr32.exe); wdfmgr32.exe (wdfmgr32.exe); WDM (MSWDM.EXE); wdmaud.drvi (wdmsync.exe); wdmon (wdmon.exe); WDNS SYSTEM (nibie.exe); WDNS SYSTEM (skybotx.exe); WDNS SYSTEM (wdns33.exe); WDrvr32SSL (qpws32.exe); wdskctl (wdskctl.exe); WDSmartWare (WDSmartWare.exe); wdvcnx (rundll32.exe [path to trojan]); wdwctrl (wdwctrl.exe); we12z3b1ab (we1az3vb1ab.exe); Weather (Weather.exe); Weather Alerts (WeatherAlerts.exe); Weather Forecaster (animated) (WEATHE~1.EXE); Weather Forecaster (animated) (WeatherAni.exe); Weather Pulse (weatherpulse.exe); Weather Tracker3 (weather_tracker.exe); Weather Widget (HTC Home) (Weather.exe); WeatherBlink (rundll32 [path] gcbar.dll); WeatherBlink AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); WeatherBlink AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); WeatherBlink Browser Plugin Loader (gcbrmon.exe); WeatherBlink Browser Plugin Loader 64 (gcbrmon64.exe); WeatherBlink EPM Support (gcmedint.exe); WeatherBlink Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); WeatherBlink Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); WeatherBlink Search Scope Monitor (gcsrchmn.exe); WeatherBuddy (WeatherBuddy.exe); WeatherBugAlert (WeatherBugAlert.exe); WeatherCast (Weather.exe); WeatherDPA (Weather.exe); WeatherEye (WeatherEye.exe); WeatherInspect (WeatherInspect.exe); WeatherMate (WeatherMate.exe); WeatherOnTray (HbtWeatherOnTray.exe); WeatherOnTray (SbWeatherOnTray.exe); WeatherOnTray (WeatherOnTray.exe); Weatherscope (Weatherscope.exe); WeatherStudio Desktop (WeatherStudio Desktop.exe); WeatherWatcher (ww.exe); WeatherWatcherLive (ww.exe); weawa (weawa.exe); web (******.exe); Web Accelerator (slipgui.exe); Web Companion (WebCompanion.exe); WEB DRIVERS FOR WIN32 (phqgh.exe); Web Offer (ezPopStub.exe); Web Offer (ezStub.exe); Web Offer (EZSTUB22.EXE); Web Offer (vl_ezstub.exe); Web Protector Plus Agent (WebProtectorPlus.exe); Web Protector Plus Server (WebProtectorPlusServer.exe); Web Protector Plus UI (WebProtectorPlusUI.exe); Web Safeguard-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Web Safeguard-repairJob); Web Security (webhost.exe); Web Service ([random filename].exe); Web Service (MSXMIDI.EXE); Web Service (sm.exe); Web Warden-repairJob (wscript.exe [path] repair.js Web Warden-repairJob); Web####_Up ([path to file]); web.exe (server.exe); Web1234 (download.exe); Web2Pop (Web2Pop.exe); webadhhh (mshta [path] [random].hta); webadhhh (rundll32.exe [path] [random].hta); WebAdSystem (WebAdSystem.exe); WebArmyKnife (WAK.exe); webassist (webassist.exe); WebBar (wb.exe); WebBar Toolbar (winwb.exe); WebBrowserFastPlayer (WebBrowser.exe); WebBrowserFusionPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBrowserHDQPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBrowserMagnoPlayer (WBrowser.exe); WebBrowserMixVideoPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBrowserQuickVideoPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBrowserSharPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBrowserViPlayer (BrowserWeb.exe); WebBuying (Webbuying.exe); WebCake Desktop (WebCakeDesktop.exe); WebCallDirect (WebCallDirect.exe); Webcam Central (WebcamDell2.exe); Webcam Go Sti Service Application (wbcgosvc.exe); WebcamDell (WebcamDell.exe); WebcamDell2 (WebcamDell2.exe); Web-cameinst ([path to trojan]); WebcamRT.exe (WebCamRT.exe); Webcelerator (webcel.exe); WEBCHECK (msietp.exe); WEBCHECK (Rundll.exe); WebCheck (webchk.exe); webcheck (webchk.exe); WebCheck.pif (WebCheck.pif); webcilck.exe (webcilck.exe); Webclient DCOM Receiver RPC Browser ([path to trojan]); WebClientResolver.exe (WebClientResolver.exe); WebConfig ([path to WebConfig.exe]); WebCpr0 (WebCpr0.exe); Webdav.exe (webdav.exe); WebDiscover (browser.exe); WebDiscoverBrowser (browser.exe); WebDiscoverBrowser (chrome.exe); webdownl (exe.exe); WebDrive (webdrive.exe); WebDriveTray (webdrive.exe); WebExRemoteAccessAgent (raagtapp.exe); Webfetti AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Webfetti AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Webfetti EPM Support (52medint.exe); Webfetti Home Page Guard 32 bit (AppIntegrator.exe); Webfetti Home Page Guard 64 bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); Webfetti Search Scope Monitor (52srchmn.exe); Webfetti_52 Browser Plugin Loader (52brmon.exe); Webfetti_52 Browser Plugin Loader 64 (52brmon64.exe); WebfettiIE Browser Plugin Loader (ybbrmon.exe); WebGuard (SessionMonitor.exe); WebGuard (WebGuard.exe); WebHancer Agent (whagent.exe); webHancer Survey Companion (whSurvey.exe); webimin ([filename]); WebInstall (WebInstall.exe); WebInstall2 (WebInstall.exe); WebInternetSecurity (WebInternetSecurity.exe); WebInternetSecurity (WebInternetSecurity.exe); WebInternetSecurity Update Task (uninstall.webinternetsecurity.exe); WebKey (WebKey.exe); WebKit Web Process (WebKitWebProcess.exe); WebLdr (WebLdr.exe); WebLink (WebLink.exe); WebmailWorld AppIntegrator 32-bit (AppIntegrator.exe); WebmailWorld AppIntegrator 64-bit (AppIntegrator64.exe); WebmailWorld EPM Support (dnmedint.exe); WebmailWorld Search Scope Monitor (dnsrchmn.exe); weboqacuc (firitirol.exe); WebOutfitterTray (sttray.exe); WebPosition Gold Scheduler 2 (wpsched20.exe); webrebates (webrebates.exe); WebRebates0 (WebRebates0.exe); Webroot Desktop Firewall (WDF.exe); WebRun ([trojan filename]); WebRunner Accelerator (wrgui.exe); websaverlive (websaverlive.exe); WebSavingsFromEbates (javaw [path to code]); WebSavingsfromEbates (WebSavingsfromEbatesrun.exe); WebSavingsFromEbates0 (WebSavingsFromEbates0.exe); WebScan (DEFSCA~1.EXE); WebScan (DEFSCANGUI.EXE); webscan (stopsignav.exe); WebScanX (WebScanX.exe); websearch (wjview [path to code]); WebSecureAlert (WebSecureAlert.exe); WebServer (WebServer.exe); Webshots (Launcher.exe); Webshots (websho~1.exe); Webshots (WebshotsTray.exe); Webshots Daily Features (Webshots Daily Features.exe); Website Administrator Info (webadmin.exe); WebSpecials (rundll32 [path] webspec.dll); webspeed Runner (webspeed.exe); WebSpyShield (WebSpyShield.exe); WebStorage (ASUSWSLoader.exe); WebStorage (AsusWSPanel.exe); WebSUpdater (wupda.exe); Websx (Int*****.exe); WebToolbar Plugin Updater (Plugin_helper.exe); WebtoonRoom (WebtoonRoom_Update.exe); WebTrap.exe (WebTrap.exe); WebTrapNT.exe (WebTrapNT.exe); WebVaccineMain (WebVaccine.exe); WebWasher (wwasher.exe); wedsa.exe (wedsa.exe); wegfuamasrud (wegfuamasrud.exe); wegqojohofwe (wegqojohofwe.exe); WegVonViren (pgs.exe); wehloi (rundll32.exe [path] wehloi.dll); weight.exe (weight.exe); WeirdOnTheWeb (WeirdOnTheWeb.exe); weiyuan (weiyuan.exe); WEK9EMDHI9 ([random].exe); Welcome (CONFIG.EXE); welcome (file.exe); Welcome (Welcome.exe); Welcome (winconfig.exe); Welcome Back ([filename]); Welcome.exe (Welcome.exe); welezxamuwe (welezxamuwe.exe); WEPstat (WEPStat.exe); weqanpiphowe (weqanpiphowe.exe); WerFault ([4 or 5 digits].exe); werity-32452345 ([random].exe); werqewrqwer (qwerwqerq.exe); wersds (doriot.exe); wersds.exe (doriot.exe); wertre ([filename].exe); wescmv ([filename].exe); wesspell (shelldm.exe); wesumu (wiustv.exe); Wet_Me! (Wet_Me!.exe); WetSock (wetsock.exe); wevamlofhofa (wevamlofhofa.exe); wewdw ([path to trojan]); wexplorer (csrssys.exe); wExplorer (wExplorer.exe); wexplorer (wexplorer.exe); wextract (wextract.exe); wextract_cleanup# (rundll32.exe advpack.dll,DelNodeRunDLL32 [path] IXP00#.TMP); wEye (wdscw.exe); WF2K (WF2K.EXE); WFGStartup (WFGStartup.exe); WFGStartup (WFGStartupU.exe); wfips (iphider.exe); wfirewall (shost.exe); WFM (WindowsSystemTry.exe); wfortune (WinForTuneUp.exe); wfsbd (3com_dmio.exe); wfxload (wfxload.exe); wfxsnt40 (wfxsnt40.exe); WFXSwtch (WFXSWTCH.exe); WG111v2 Smart Wizard Wireless Setting (RtlWake.exe); WG511WLU (WG511WLU.exe); WGA Remover (wgaremover.exe); WGAA (team.exe); WGASetup ([filename].exe); WGdDR8N7QV (rd92olL.exe.lnk); wgeax (wgeax.exe); Wget ([random].exe); WGMDSJNIRW (0MJCYUm.exe.lnk); WGMESJNIRW (0MJCYUm.exe.lnk); WGMESJNIRW675 (0MJCYUm453.exe); wgs3 (wgs3.exe); WGV (WGV.exe); WGWLocalManager (WGWLocalManager.exe); WgwMngr (WgwMngr.exe); whagent (whagent.exe); what ever (decom.exe); What Frenz (FriendEQUALsuX.exe); whatever (pic.exe); WhatPulse (WHATPU~1.EXE); WhatPulse (WhatPulse.exe); WhatsappWeb.vbs (WhatsappWeb.vbs); whatthehellad (whatthehellad.exe); WheelMouse (4DMAIN.EXE); WheelMouse (AMOUMAIN.EXE); WheelsMouse ([path to trojan]); Wheezily (Wheezily.exe); whelp (helper.exe); Whelp (WHelp.exe); WhenUSave (Save.exe); WhenUSearch (Search.exe); WhenUSearchWHSE (whse.exe); Whenwife (svchost.exe); Whenwife_svchost (svchost.exe.config); WheresJames Startup Manager (StartupMgr.exe); WhereSphere (WhereSphere.exe); whgyr28 (whgyra28.exe); Whistler (whismng.exe); White People (IMDCSC.exe); Whitechix (brightx.exe); whitehouse (rundll32.exe); whitehouse (whitehouse.exe); WhitephonePersonal (WhitePhonePersonal.exe); Whitesmoke (whitesmoke.exe); Whitesmoke Search Protect (whitesmoke.exe); WhiteVaccine (WhiteVaccine.exe); WHITNEY_S2P (Scan2pc.exe); Whitney2_S2P (Scan2pc.exe); WHITNEY2_XRX_S2P (Scan2pc.exe); WhitneyXerox_S2P (Scan2pc.exe); WHVLXD (WHVLXD.exe); Whwwp ([filename].exe); whxpin service ([random].exe); wiascanprofc (wiascanprofc.exe); wiascanprofcg (wiascanprofcg.exe); wiascr (wiascr.exe); WIAWizardMenu (RUNDLL32.EXE sti_ci.dll,WiaCreateWizardMenu); wibsyswin.exe (wibsyswin.exe); WicoMon (wicmon.exe); wicusealuddi (wicusealuddi.exe); widelink (widelinke.exe); WideSearch (wsearch.exe); WidgetUpdater (Updater.exe); Widnows Xp Web scan (xpscan.exe); Widows flushoirz (svvchost.exe); WIDOWS RABYS (svchosst.exe); WidowsFirewall ([path to file]); WidowsFirewall# ([path to file]); WIDOWSLIVE7 (usvchost.exe); wif.exe (wif.exe); wifeman (wifeman.exe); Wifi Boot (wifiboot.exe); Wifi Booter (wifibooter.exe); Wifi Configuration (wificonfig.exe); Wifi Configuration! (wificonfigs.exe); Wifi Connection (wificon.exe); Wifi Connection! (wificonnect.exe); Wifi Debug (wifidebug.exe); WIFI Driver (Sounddriver.exe); Wifi Loader (wifiload.exe); Wifi Loader! (wifiloader.exe); Wifi Setup (wifisetup.exe); wificompressor (fsrun.exe); wificonec ([path to trojan]); WiFix service ([random filename].exe); WihdowsUpdate (WindowsUpdt.exe); Wiinamp ([random].exe); wiinnupdater (wiinnupdate.exe); WikiTime (WikiTime.exe); Wild Tangent wcmdmgrl (wcmdmgrl.exe); WildFlics (WildFlics.exe); WildTangent CDA (GameDrvr.exe [path] cdaEngine0500.dll); WildTangent CDA (RUNDLL32.exe cdaEngine0400.dll,cdaEngineMain); WildTangent Games App ([path to Acergames.exe]); Wildwire Monitor (WWMon.exe); Will I Ever (anqbse.exe); Willow Road Screen Saver (WillowRd.exe); WillPolo (WillPolo.vbs); wilsg (rundll32.exe [path] wilsg.dll,ARawDecodeInit); wilsg (rundll32.exe [path] wilsg.dll,New); wilsg (rundll32.exe [path] wilsg.dll,SetScissorRect); WIM32 (Pluguin.exe); WIMMUN32 (ynjIQV8QvC2.exe); wimpas (wimpas.exe); wimplayer (player32.exe); wimplayer (player32.exe); win (app.exe); win (dllhost.exe); WIN (ehshell.exe); win (homesec.exe); WIN (logon.exe); win (nj.exe); win (PrintWindows.exe); win (regedit -s [path] win.dll); WIN (RTHDCPL.EX); win (svs.exe); Win (taskhost.exe); win (vbc.exe); win (win.exe); Win (win.exe); win (win.exe); WIN (windows.exe); win (winlog.lnk); win (wocualts.exe); win (xwinxrpc.exe); win (xwinxrpc32.exe); Win # (winsync(#).exe); Win #.# (winsync(#).exe); Win 32.exe (Win 32.exe); win aggiornamento (winupdt.exe); Win Antispyware Center (av.exe); Win Antivir 2008 (Win Antivir 2008.exe); Win Antivirus 2008 (Win Antivirus 2008.exe); Win Chimes (winchi~1.exe); Win Comm (WinComm.exe); Win Command (command32.exe); Win Config (winconfig.exe); Win CPU (sysin.pif); win ctl app (wuctl.exe); Win Defender (WinDefender.exe); Win Defenderx (Win Defenderx.exe); Win Defrag (windfrag.exe); Win Defrag! (windefrag.exe); Win Defrags (defrag.exe); Win Drivers SSL (hpws.exe); Win Drivers SSL (TASKMAN4.exe); Win Drivers SSL32 (hpwsnnsbc.exe); Win exe file managr (crss.exe); Win FTP (wintftp.exe); Win Host (svchost.exe); Win host (Winhost.exe); WIN HOST PROCESS (WIN HOST PROCESS.EXE); Win I5oahder ([worm filename]); Win INI 32 (msrp32.exe); Win Instaler (Win Instaler.exe); Win l5oahder (winampa.exe); Win leoahder (winampa.exe); Win Live Messenger (winlive.exe); Win Login (winlogin.exe); Win Microsoft 98 (win14.exe); Win Microsoft Config (wnmsconfig.exe); win msdt service (mswindtc.exe); Win Net Wks32 (netwks32.exe); Win Patch (ntldr.exe); Win Patch (patch.exe); Win Pdf (csrsll.exe); Win Process Updates (winupdates.exe); Win Prosess0r ([random filename]); WIN prosessor16 ([random filename].exe); Win Secure Update ([worm filename]); Win Security (msw32.pif); Win Security (winsecure.exe); Win Security 360 (WinSecurity360.exe); Win Server (winserv.exe); Win Server Updt ([filename].exe); Win Server Updt (wupdt.exe); Win Services (Services32.exe); Win sever (Winsever.exe); Win Shell (winshell.exe); Win Spec ([path to trojan]); Win SSL (SP2s.exe); Win startup (MSCFG32.EXE); Win Startup (WINCFG32.EXE); win strategy (mercury.exe); win strategy (mercury.exe); Win Sync montr (winsyncupx.exe); Win TaskLoader (msgmr.exe); Win UAC (Windows Component.exe); WIN UPDA (tyghujdls.exe); Win Update (JhanB7W.exe); Win Update (msnmger.exe); Win Update (oleupdate.exe); Win Update (sample.exe); Win Update (SysUpdate.exe); win update (wapdate.exe); Win Update (Win Update.exe); Win Update (Win Update.exe); Win Update (Win Update.exe); Win Update (Win Update.exe); Win Update (wincvh.exe); win update (wupda32.exe); win update (wupdate.exe); WIN UPDATE 32 (winU32L.exe); Win Update Scheduler (Win Update Scheduler.exe); Win Update Service (Install.exe); Win Update Service (Rundll32.exe); Win Updaten (Wnmduls.exe); Win Updater (winupdater.exe); Win Updator Services (ctfnom.exe); WIN UPDOATA (ytsdls.exe); Win Updtso (explore.exe); WIN USB 2.0 (usbsystem.exe); WIN USB 2.0 (winusb.exe); Win USB 2.0 Service (usb.exe); Win USB 2.0 USB Driver (HPPrint.exe); WIN USB SUPPORT (grxsrv.exe); Win Validation Application (DBExecCom.exe); Win WinAmp (winamp.exe); win#### ([path to trojan]); win#.exe (win#.exe); (; (; win.exe (win.exe); win.exe (win.exe); win.exe.vbs (win.exe.vbs); win.i (win.i.exe); Win.Update (%System%:Win.Update.exe); win.vbs (win.vbs); win_**_# (win_**_#.exe); win_????#### (????####.exe); win_api (MOOOV_0003.exe); WIN_API (wuauclt.exe); Win_api_driver (system.exe); Win_BooT ([path to trojan]); win_dll32.exe (win_dll32.exe); win_drivr32 (zxhstn.exe); Win_Fixer_2006 (WinFX6.exe); Win_Library (INISvc.exe); win_manager (win_manager.exe); Win_s (Win_s.exe); Win_Security.exe (Win_Security.exe); win_spool2 (win_spool2.exe); win_supp00.exe (Win Const.exe); Win_system (Winkeysys.exe); WIN_TKR (vbc.exe); win_upd.exe (win_upd.exe); win_upd.exe (WINdirect.exe); win_upd2.exe (WINdirect.exe); Win_vader (Win_vader.vbs); Win1 (LSTC.exe); Win10Update (svchost.exe); win12.exe (win12.exe); win16.dll (win16dll.exe); win16-5 (windows.exe); win2 (svchost.exe); win2 (win2.exe); win2 (win2.exe); win2-16-5 (windows.exe); win23.exe (win23.exe); Win2Drv ([worm filename]); Win2Helper (Win2Helper.exe); WIN31 (punisher.exe); win32 (%System%:taskk.exe); WIN32 (arsetup.exe); Win32 (avast.exe); win32 (chrome.exe); win32 (cmdhost32.exe); win32 (drivers.vbs); Win32 (explorer.exe); Win32 (explorer.exe); Win32 (Game.exe.vbs); Win32 (javas.exe); Win32 (lb5i1nklhan.exe); win32 (msdcscrtb.exe); Win32 (msnsrv.exe); Win32 (ONEHIT.exe); Win32 (ONEHIT.exe); Win32 (Plugin.eXe); Win32 (Plugin.exe); Win32 (Plugin.exe); Win32 (Plugin.exe); win32 (Pluguin.exe); Win32 (server.exe); win32 (server.exe); win32 (Setup_32.exe); win32 (Shakira_1997_Part_1_.Mpeg_.scr); Win32 (svcc.exe); Win32 (svchost.exe); win32 (svchost.exe); Win32 (svchost.exe); Win32 (svchost.exe); Win32 (svchost.exe); Win32 (sysmon.exe); Win32 (system.exe); Win32 (system32.vbs); 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WinDll32_ (_WIN32.EXE); windllconfig ([path to trojan]); WinDllLoad (windll.exe); windllsys32.exe (windllsys32.exe); windmc.exe (windmc.exe); WinDNS (windns32.exe); Windo Servic Agent 32 ([path to xagw.exe]); Windo.exe (Windo.exe); windobe.exe (windobe.exe); windoctorx.exe (windoctorx.exe); Windoes Kernel (kernel32.exe); WindoFix (WindoFix.exe); windoguide (windoguide.exe); windoguideagent (windoguideagent.exe); windoguideopt (windopt.exe); Windongs ([path to file]); Windongs (cvtres.exe); windonw (winsoft.exe); Windopdate (Windodate.exe); windor (windor.exe); windoregis ([path to file]); windoregis ([path to trojan]); Windos Seres Agnts ([filename].exe); windoslogin (winloginm); WINDOSSVCHOT.EXE ([path to file]); WindosSysDrivers (rundll32.exe [path] WindosSysDrivers.dll); WindosU (WindosU.exe); windosup.exe (windosup.exe); windosupdate (windosupdate.exe); Windosupdate manager (runwin32.exe); Windosw (Host.exe); windosw (windosw.exe); windosws (windosws.exe); WindoUpdates ([filename].exe); Windovsbar (Windovsbar_[random].exe); Windovslight ([path to file]); Windovstask ([random].exe); Window (explore.exe); window (javarunner.exe); Window (Sys.exe); window (window.exe); window (window.exe); window (window.exe); Window (WindowsUp.exe); Window Apl (Window APl.exe); Window Defender32 (WinDefender32.exe); Window Firewall Service (_xx_temp.exe); Window Hide Tool (Window Hide Tool.exe); Window Loader (Dos32.exe); Window Manager (conhost.exe); Window modus (Window modus.exe); Window Monitor (winmon32.exe); Window Msn Live Messanger (msnmsgsls.exe); Window program (WinProg.exe); Window Proxy Service (winpea.exe); Window Proxy Service (winpsvc.exe); Window Secure (Window Secure.exe); Window Secure Resolution Application (xpjrumw.exe); Window service ([random filename]); Window Tabifier (driver.exe); Window UDP Control Servic (winlogon.exe); Window upadate (pe2.exe); window update (window update.exe); window update (window update.exe); Window Update (wuauclt.exe); Window Updates (Window Updates.exe); Window Washer (wwDisp.exe); window.exe (notepad.exe); window.exe (window.exe); window.exe (window.exe); Window_Protect (winsi32.exe); window2 (ieupdate.exe); window2 (ssvchost.exe); window32 (smart32.exe); Window32 (Window32.exe); WindowBlinds (wbload.exe); WindowBoanPatch (WBPatch.exe); WindowBoanPatch (WBPatchUp.exe); Window-Defender.exe (Window-Defender.exe); WindowDefnder (WindowDefnder.exe); WindoWeather (WindoWeather.exe); WindowEnhancer (Winex.exe); Windowfdgfds DasdLL Verifier (winupdatr.exe); Windowfdgfds DasdLL Verifiew (msnmsger.exe); Windowfdgfds DLL fgfdg Verifier (Windowsdldfglcheckkk.exe); Windowfdgfds DLL fgfdg Verifier (winsecure.exe); Windowfile (Stopfile.exe); WindowFX (wfxload.exe); WindowFX - A Component of Object Desktop (wfxload.exe); windowguardstart.exe (windowguardstart.exe); WindowHost (WindowHost.exe); WindowLivePot (WindowLivePot.exe); window-manager (win-process.exe); WindowMessenger (WinSysApp.exe); windown (wiusyt.exe); Windowns Suggestions (WinSuggestionsU.exe); windowns/32 (explorer.exe)

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