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Pacman's Portal Windows start-up programs - Index

The lists provided in the following pages represent a simple index of all of entries currently in the Windows start-up programs database.

If you have been directed straight to this page, please also look at the introduction to what startup programs are and how to identify and disabling them here.

The reason for these simplified lists being here is that the popular Google search engine only indexes the first 100K of a web page. To ensure that visitors looking for information on startup programs come to the right place, this index is presented.

Numbers and special characters
A to Am
An to Az
C to Cm
Cn to Cz
F to G
I to J
K to L
M to microsc
microse to
Microsoft.NET to Mixghost
Mj to Mz
N to O
Q to R
S to Se
Sf to Sm
Sn to Sv
Sw to Sz
U to V
W to windowns/32
Windows32 to Wz
X to Z

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