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Latest updates for the Windows start-up programs database

25th September, 2003

New items - 59

Changed items - 19

11th September, 2003

New items - 63

Changed items - 11

4th September, 2003

New items - 58

Changed items - 22

Phime2002a and PHIME2002ASync combined

1st September, 2003

New items - 94

Changed items - 29

FreeScratchAndWin parasite related random entries removed: Beilorbc (beilorbc.exe), ecqdclm (ecqdclm.exe), pyzllygl (pyzllygl.exe), qyvnqlch (qyvnqlch.exe) and swyhbxts (swyhbxts.exe)

nCase parasite related random entries removed: GTGBL (gtgbl.exe), ICYF (ICYF.exe), JMWMG (JMWMG.exe) and BFILPSVY (BFILPSVY.EXE) parasite related random entries removed: pglprx (aruieeep.exe) and qushao (miviecqu.exe)

Removed mediadriver{*} as it's been identified as a MOSUCK virus entry

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